L to R: "Cool Bobby B" reads the song list on the souvenir CDs; Bobby looks on while Bob Grisnik draws a winning ticket for a prize. Rob Albanese holds the sack of ticket stubs. At times it seemed that you couldn't get on stage unless you were born a "Robert"!

The Jive Five mix a little bit of good-natured fun into their act and the audiences love it. Here they are, doing what they do best; making music. Eugene Pitt (at the far right) has been called by, Terry Stewart, president of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, "the most underrated soul singer in America".
Eugene Pitt's srtrong profile makes him look, for all the world, like a cross between Ray Charles and and a candidate for Mount Rushmore.
The Jive Five taking a well deserved bow.

Linda Jensen and her pals belt out some of the Angels' musical memories.
Linda with Joanne joking with the audience.
Gina and Linda giving the audience what they came to hear.

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