MDSolarSciences is advancing the science of sun protection. Developed and led by dermatologists, this primary skin cancer protection and prevention company is dedicated to saving lives and promoting healthier fun in the sun. Their broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens provide a high level of protection in innovative delivery systems that are safer for children (over 6 months old) and adults, and gentler for the environment.

Fragrance free
Great for sensitive skin
Paba free, paraben free
Quick drying
Won't clog pores
Environmentally friendly

KidCrème and KidStick:

Using the same protective principles but modified for children's use , MD Solar Sciences offers these products with a high degree of protection for the sensiitive skin of the very young (6 months and older).

Using natural ingredients, MD Solar Sciences achieves Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 43 and 41, respectively. And maybe just as important, the products are water resistant for 80 minutes.

As with all MDSS products, these great products were created by Dermatologists.

This is a beach community in the summer, so it makes sense to have more than one line of premium sunblock products to choose from. Sunology is just that ; A line of premium sun protection products which offer outstanding protection at moderate prices.

Left to right: Sunblock Stick (SPF 35), Lotion for Children (SPF 50), Body Lotion (SPF 50) and Creme for Face (SPF 50).

These special herbal teas are designed to help relieve bladder control problems in women and frequent urination in men. Formulated from healthy ingredients like cranberry, rosehips, parsley, nettle, golden rod, willow herb and more, both products produce a pleasant tea that can be sweetened and taken hot or iced as a refreshing beverage. Money back guarantee on both items.

Medication induced "Dry Mouth" or Xerostomia, is a wide-spread problem that causes a great deal of distress and discomfort to many patients. Jn its most severe form, Dry Mouth can lead to increased tooth decay,mouth sores , lesions and infections. MedActive products can bring continuous, comprehensive oral care and relief from Dry Mouth symptoms. Southrifty Drug carries the complete line of MedActive products including Oral Rinse, Prophy Tape, Gel, Spray and Lozenges for care and relief .

By now, anyone living on the east end of Long Island is aware of the problems caused by the area's high tick populations, the prevalence of Lyme Disease and at least some of the other tick-borne diseases that are showing up. Obviously, the best way to avoid these problems is to avoid contact with the insects. Unfortunately, that's not always possible and people do get bitten. When that happens, one of the best things you can do is to remove the tick, intact, and as soon as possible after you discover the bite. Doing so reduces the danger of the tick disgorging infected blood into the wound and introducing pathogens into the host. Dr. Joe's Tick It Away is an excellent way to do this. Tweasers, forcepts, alcohol, heat or even fingers are not recommended and can actually make the situation worse.

As you can see Dr. Joe's Tick it Away is a forked, prong device. You simply slide the tick remover with a forward downward pressure and guide the tick into the tapered groove as far as possible. Try to keep the wider part of the tick perpendicular to the length of the groove. This will facilitate capturing the tick in the groove.

Once, the tick is caught as far down as possible in the groove, push the handle down with constant gentle pressure. This will lift the front prongs of the tick remover and in turn lift the tick away from the skin, detaching it intact and alive.

One of the advantages of Dr. Joe's Tick it Away is that the motion that lifts the front of the tick remover and the tick off the skin also forces the tick further down the groove, enhancing the ability to capture and detach even the tiniest tick. Once the tick is removed, clean the site of the bite with betadyne and or alcohol. Consult a physician immediately.

The tick can be discarded or saved according to your doctor's instructions. Read and follow all instructions on the package.

Zanfel is an over-the-counter treatment designed to wash away poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac (urushiol). The compound also works to relieve the symptomatic itching associated with contamination. The manufacturer claims that itching starts to abate within 30 seconds of application, which is helpful for avoiding infections caused by scratching the affected areas. There are no known side effects.

People who live in areas where plants containing urushiol are prevalent, should learn how to identify them. More info can be found at:
Note that urushiol is an oily substance that is nearly completely insoluble in water so that flushing with water is largely ineffective as a treatment. However, patients treated with ZANFEL report almost immediate relief from symptoms and quick recovery.

Not your grandmother's air freshener...unless, perhaps, gran was an Australian Aborigine. But it's not really what most people think of as an "air freshener" in the first place. Kanberra Gel has, at it's heart, an extract from the Melaleuca alternifolia or Ti (Tea) Tree, a kind of Honey Myrtle, that the early Australians valued for its amazing properties. Not least among them was the ability to inhibit or kill bacteria and fungi. With this extract as the principal active ingredient in Kanberra Gel, it's highly effective in dealing with molds and mildew and their associated odors. It's free of dangerous chemicals and safe for use in most situations. However, as with any product, for safety and for best results, you should read and follow all instructions on the package.