Free at Southrifty Drug: Three Helpful Items

When is a teaspoon not a teaspoon? Well, It depends on whether or not you're talking about tea, or medicinal doses. You might be surprised to learn that the "teaspoons" in your silverware drawer are probably not what your doctor means when he, or she, prescribes those doses in terms of "teaspoons".

In most cases, the doctor is referring to a standard pharmaceutical measurement of 5 milliliters, and in most cases, the teaspoons in your silverware drawer are somewhat larger. This is not merely trivia or fun and games. Proper dosing is a serious issue for any patient, and it's especially true for the very young. It's why Pharmacist, Bob Grisnik, automatically provides an accurate dosing spoon, free of charge, with every liquid medication he dispenses for children. They are also available in the waiting area, for free, to anyone else who wants one.
Free Accurate Dose Spoon
One side of the spoon measures out accurate doses of one quarter to one half a teaspoon (1.25 ml's to 2. 5 ml's) while the other side measures out an accurate dose of a full teaspoon (5 ml's). Click image.

Side by side comparison of accurate dose spoon and typical teaspoon.
Side by side comparison of an accurate 5 ml teaspoon and a typical household teaspoon.

Free Accurate Dose Medicine Dropper
Also available, free of charge, is this medicine "dropper" with accurate measurements clearly marked in both fractional "teaspoons" and in milliliters (ml's). Another helpful item available for free at Southrifty Drug is this 7 day pill container with Braille markings; a practical way to keep track of whether or not patients have taken their meds (below).
Free Pill Container